Varmintz has presented its new family member, Varmintz
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For all lovers of arcade games, has presented its new family member, Varmintz, an arcade game ideal for fans of cool and classic games. With a similar exciting action such as that one experienced while playing Hop and Dodge, Varmintz has come into existence to deliver fun and entertainment all throughout its 50 crazy levels!
The purpose of the game is simple though challenging: you have to move the Varmintz through each level, collect golden eggs for points and earn extra lives.
Be careful with all the obstacles and enemies! Avoid them, get the Varmintz safely to their dens and jump them to freedom! Varmintz full version comprises 50 levels, adorable characters, in-game hints and tips, 10 bonus levels, 3 difficulty settings, among many more features. With top-rated graphics and sounds, and full screen display, Varmintz includes in-game detailed instructions to help you through the development of the game. Do not think it over and download it now from the developer’s web site!

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  • Lots of levels to enjoy the game
  • In-game detailed instructions
  • Free to try


  • None
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